Purchasing an A-SD Engine; Everything you need to know

Purchasing an engine through A-SD could not be more straight forward. Over the years we have put together a catalogue of exciting engine packages which have in turn all been subject to hours of Dyno and Rolling Road scrutiny to give the best product available.

Who can purchase from A-SD?

Until 2018 A-SD only supplied the trade, With a small team of skilled engineers operating a closed door policy we were able to turn out the highest quality work, Supplying many of the Classic Car trade outlets with our products. Expanding our premises and workforce has allowed us to promote our products to the masses and we now accept customer orders as well as supplying our own Approved Retailers.

How do I order my engine?

Ordering is nice and straight forward. We have listed our most popular engine packages, Starting with our high quality reconditioned engines. These are Engine only and have proven to be very popular as customer search for reliable driving. Many engine builders only change what is “required” A-SD renew all parts ensuring that you receive a brand new engine. You can then browse further through our range and you will meet our Stage 2, GT, S, RS (Road Sport) and MS (Motorsport) engine packages. These come complete with all ancillaries and are turn-key, Ready to drop in units.

Once you have chosen the engine package you require you can choose to pay over 6 or 12 months (for Non-Trade buyers).

NOTE: Trade buyers, Submit your order and we will contact you with a completion date.

What happens after I order?

When you place your order you will make your deposit payment, At this point you have chosen your desired package and your engine package will be reserved and will start to go through our machine shop. At this point we will send you your welcome pack. In the welcome pack you can:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the engine specification
  2. Choose your engine colour scheme
  3. Choose your level or warranty. A-SD provides a “Out of Chassis warranty” You can take out an extended warranty that will cover the engine after 3rd party installation.
  4. You will also be required to fill out a form detailing the vehicle the engine is to be installed in. This includes the following:
    1. Vehicle Make / Model / Year
    2. Gearbox Type (STD or Non-STD)
    3. Wheel and Tyre Size
    4. Radiator Type (STD or Non-STD)

The welcome pack will also show you suitable upgrade items including Gearbox and cooling products to suit the package. Upon returning the signed Welcome pack we will have the rest of the information required for your engine package to make sure we built with the correct front plates, Engine mounts and manifolds where applicable.

How long will make engine take to build?

A-SD has typically 3 types of clients, Approved Retailers (Trade), Non-Trade and Race Clients. Approved Retailers and Race Clients are dealt with on a separate build-time to Non-Trade. If your are running an A-SD race engine or would like us to take over maintenance and improvements for the engine you are currently running please contact us at sales@a-sd.co Similarly if you are an Approved Retailer, Submit your order online and we will write to you with your expected build time.

Non-Trade purchasers, With demands from Race and Retailers we decided to structure the non-trade purchases as cleanly as possible. To do this we give you the option of purchasing with a 6-12 month payment plan, This also acts as your build time.