Our Packages Explained…

Many of our customers come to us looking for slight gains to suit their motoring style. We offer everything from freshly built reconditioned engines through to the finest fast road and full race engine specifications. Below we have explained what you can expect from our Reconditioned units, GT, S, RS and MS Packages. This will help you choose the correct package to suit your vehicle and your driving.

A-SD Engines are all built from selected units, We believe in building the very best units for each and every customer for all applications. A-SD engines are built to exacting standards, Every component is the best hand selected product for the application and all tolerances are measured to give the ultimate in performance and reliability.

Reconditioned Engines

A-SD Says: Reconditioned engines, Built to “Better than New” standards. Regain that lost performance with one of our turn-key Reconditioned engines. You will require your own ancillaries for our reconditioned units.

GT and Stage 2 Engine Packages

 A-SD Says: GT and Stage 2 Engine Packages. This is where we start to add performance to the engine packages. These packages come with ancillaries, Tailored to the engine. Dyno tuned packages ready to drop.

GT: For those that use their classic for serious miles per year. Maybe you commute, Maybe you tow a little Caravan or just enjoy higher miles in your classic, This is the engine for you. Lots of low down torque, Great MPG and still packs a punch. Our most popular selling engine package.

Stage 2: This label is used in our 1275 engine packages. Between the S and the GT, A torquey, well behaved engine that packs a good punch. Perfect for those with a 1275 to trade in. A great specification. 

Road Sport / Fast Road Engine Packages

A-SD Says:

S (SPORT): We put this package in the same group as the RS but this one is for those wanting just that little bit more from their engine, Looking for the Classic Sports Car feel and look. Complete with Twin SU Carbs, A sportier Camshaft and a balanced bottom end also Benefitting from a worked cylinder head this engine remains tractable but has moved the power band further up the rev range.

RS (ROAD SPORT) This is an engine package that has earned the right to be called RS. Years of perfecting our craft, Years of testing and development. The RS Packages are the pinnacle of fast road. Perfect for weekend B Road action and will hold their own on Trackdays and Hillclimbs / Sprints.

Motorsport / Track Engine Packages