About A-Series Developments

Based in Derbyshire, A-SD has been engineering since the mid 1970’s, The cars that were then modern have now become classics and A-SD have stuck with them. Producing high quality Road, Fast Road and Track Engine builds. Our facilities allow us to machine and build our Engines and Gearboxes in house. Having the facilities and skill sets within our team means we can offer high quality builds with out the costs of farming out the work with 99% off the work carried out within A-SD.

Our engineers are involved with your build through every step. This ensures that every part of the build is calculated and engineered to ensure the build is exactly as described. We have full control over the quality of both the machining processes and the quality parts and equipment that complete your build.

A-SD are known for the Inline and Transverse A-Series Engines. We have a tried and tested range of packages available through our distributors in the UK and overseas. You can purchase direct on a “made to order basis”, However one of our distributors may have stock of the package you require.